Power Of Blogs

Blogs and Vlogs are a form of digital media, which is digitised content that can be transmitted over the internet or computer networks. Digital media as a whole has been growing massively over the last 20 years. In 1997 the first blog was written by Jorn Barger; this revolutionised story telling as it provided an online diary for people to engage with.

The blog we will be looking at is the ‘Steve Booker’ blog. His blogs are about lifestyle, travel and fashion. Steve Booker is a London based bloger who initially started this blog in order to share his experiences and promote products he likes in a non-sponsored way. He has a very slick, simplistic design which makes it easy to navigate around the site. Social media links such as Instagram, Twitter, email and Facebook makes it quick and easy to locate him on other digital media platforms. Steve Booker has also included animations to link different sections of his blogs together in a fun and unique way, these are his own hand drawn graphic designs which exemplify his overall purpose of the blog to share his point of view and add a personal touch.


Where his blog could be improved is through the reduction of imagery as it can sometimes dominate his written dialogue, this may become repetitive to the reader considering he is a bloger by trade and typically has extremely short articles between 200-400 words. Considering his articles are very short (in comparison to other bloggers) it is interesting to find that he only posts once a month. This irregularity doesn’t promote a good engagement with the audience. On a more in depth analysis on his blog we discovered that it may not be clear whether Steve Booker is being endorsed or sponsored for the products he promotes. This grey area within his blog creates a lack of trust between him and his audience making blog loyalty hard to gain. Due to this we found  half the visitors that clicked onto his site left after 2 minutes, this bounce rate* is surprising for someone with his high social media presence of 280K Instagram followers.


We also looked at the Vlogger Joe Welller for our second critique and found out how he targets a certain audience, that being young males interested in football and the social aspects of life. He presents himself in a very informal manner for example using jargon in his videos often; this to create a bond with the viewers who are likely to use the same language. Joe Weller does a lot of reviews on products to promote them to his audience helping companies gain sales, using his 3+ million subscribers to do so. This may be seen in a negative light as he is using his large number of subscribers to make a profit and promote companies and their products even though he might not actually rate them himself.


The vlogger Joe Weller has reached out to more YouTube viewers by creating a clothing brand named ‘LEGITMATE’ (shown in the picture above), this helps him to attract more viewers as people shall be wearing his clothing creating chat which is key to getting products sold and gain interest; but could also be seen negatively. Although some may argue the clothing isn’t expensive and affordable for the masses.

If interested in seeing a vlog done by Joe Weller here is the link for the video above.


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