How To Take Advantage of Social Media.

Here the team of Charisma will look through the different social media platforms and how brands use platforms for their advantage whether that be views or sales.


The main type of communication used by Facebook is their very own Facebook messenger. At first, this was an integrated part of Facebook. However, they started to realise that many people communicated via Facebook therefore they introduced Facebook messenger and its very own app; which is private messaging between users. Another type of communication Facebook use is the through users walls.

Every member of Facebook has their own personal space which is known as their wall. Other members can post pictures, videos and messages onto people’s walls to create a public post that other people can see compared to the private section such as the messenger.


The main feature of twitter in terms of communication is their hashtag. When someone posts a comment into the twitterverse they will use a hashtag to sum up what the post is about e.g. “went to the City game today, great win. #whatagoal.” All the comments that have been used in relation to this hashtag all collate together so people can see posts that are related to the same thing. One of the great communication tools of twitter is that it works closely with celebrities.

Twitter is very popular with celebrities and this has a major impact on what people are looking at or tweeting about. This affects what is trending worldwide. There is also no boundaries on whether a celebrity wants to interact with a normal person creating a massive buzz. For example if someone is working on a conservation project and wants to get the word out about it they will tweet it and the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio might retweet the post which will  help spread the word as he has a huge number of followers.


Instagram is a photo sharing mobile and tablet app found on Apple and Android operating systems. The general public can sign up and make an Instagram account from their mobile and post photos from their camera roll. The unique selling point of Instagram, over other photo sharing apps is that you can use filters to make your photos look more appealing and ultimately more eye catching to your followers (consumers).

Like twitter, hashtags are used within the app to promote a collective of people’s images. As well as this, there is the option to tag your location, which again collects people’s photographs. Instagram is beneficial to brands and companies as it connects users and consumers to the collective visual aid of the brand values providing a blog like feel and creates a community and human feel to a brand.


LinkedIn is a social network for businesses and professionals to use in a way to network and gain contacts in a similar field they work within. It is basically a professional Facebook. In this type of social media; individuals are able to list their past experiences, jobs and attributes on their profile which in effect is catalogued in a CV type format. This type of communication is vital for companies as it allows people to showcase their skills for future employers.


Pinterest launched in March 2010 and has over 70 million users. It allows the user to create an electronic mood board displaying their interests and hobbies, as well as being able to purchase products they have ‘Pinned’ or are interested in buying.  This is where brands can also benefit by advertising and selling their products.

With 500,000 of Pinterest users being Business accounts, Pinterest can reach and engage with potential consumers. It differs from other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as it can actually offer ideas and useful information that you can include in your everyday life. Currently Pinterest main user base is women, with their top interests including crafts, home design and fashion. Therefore, brands who are using Pinterest in order to advertise should consider this when using Pinterest social media platform to promote their products.


A recently new idea launched in 2011 keeping up with the ever so growing world of technology and incorporating text messaging with pictures. This company involves the users cameras to capture ‘snaps’ and allows the sender to draw or insert text, pictures and animations on top of the ‘snap’ then allowing to send these to your Snapchat friends.

Snapchat also included an opportunity for brands to move in with their marketing campaigns and advertisement with the introduction of discover and stories. Brands have created accounts and regularly update their stories with the latest in what they do, for example Topman and their latest trends, styles and shows. In comparison with the other major social media platforms like twitter Snapchat has over 100 million users daily whereas twitter has 320 million monthly.


Launched in 2007 and owned by yahoo since 2013 Tumblr is a micro blogging and social networking website which since the 1st of October now has over 320 million blogs and 555 million users on their website and this figure is expected to increase rapidly within the next two years.

Similar to Snapchat, Tumblr allows brands and companies to make their own Tumblr accounts and post updates on what has been going on within their company and advertise products. ‘snaps’ and allows the sender to draw or insert text, pictures and animations on top of the ‘snap’ then allowing to send these to your Snapchat friends.





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