What Is The Cheapest Way to Sell?

Email Marketing 

We believe that email marketing is the cheapest, and most effective way to sell for a business. Especially so for the UK based music festival  Secret Garden Party.

Below is a screenshot of how Charisma, a digital marketing agency based in Manchester, marketed the Secret Garden Party this year to previous festival goers in order to get them to purchase their tickets again for this year.



We have used a mobile optimised email as most of the target market are between 18-34. Therefore they are a mobile engaged generation, who are quite used to receiving email updates on their devices.

In terms of the structure of the email we have used they lyrics of Grammy Award winning Band Florence & the Machine. Florence and her band are headlining the main stage this year so it engages immediately with the consumer, as it is an obvious and novel reminder of who’s playing at the festival. At Digital Charisma we decided to use their hit song “You’ve Got the Love” which follows the same lyric theme we used last year. Through this concept, we saw an increase in sales of tickets by 12% after the emails were sent.

Finally our Call to Action button is illuminated by yellow text colour and clearly states “Get Your 2017 Tickets Here”. By clicking on this link it will take the targeted customer to their promo code for reduced presale tickets.



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