What No One Told You About Secret Garden Party 

As our chosen client is Secret Garden Party, we found this was a logical phrase for a potential consumer to search, using Google search engine. We specifically included the date ‘2017’ in our search, as the buyer would most likely be looking for future tickets or festival opportunities. Our search showed that London is the most interested city, which was predictable as the festival is located in Cambridge, a close distance to the venue. The graph shows us that most searches made in the evenings are around 10pm, and could suggest more of the younger generation are online, who are the targeted audience for secret Garden Party.

We have deliberately looked in the last 7 days, as we wanted our findings to be very recent. As a result of this the results for Festival have dwindled quite a lot as the festival season is slowly coming to a close as you can see from the graph below. We found that the top 3 places to be searching for festivals came from Kendal, Basingstoke & Chichester.

The topic that is trending the most at the moment in relation to festivals is about the composer Benjamin Britten. He is a very talented pianist & played at the Aldeburgh festival in Suffolk. The most popular topic was Festivals as a whole. This may be because people are very interested in going to festivals but are unsure as to which one to go to.



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