E-Mail is Always Appropriate


Chaffey and Smith (2015) stated that email is a coherent marketing programme which helps build relationships and combines excellence in devising effective campaigns.

This is suitable for The Secret Garden Party (SGP), as it considered to be a grassroots and boutique type festival (Mintel, 2013) meaning that it has more wealthy clientele. Therefore email is an effective method of marketing as older people attend the festival despite a majority are 18-34.

E-Mail is Audience Appropriate

As email is most widely used as a prospect conversion and consumer retention tool (Chaffey and Smith, 2015), the large intended consumer base can be reached through the email platform.

SGP’s clientele is extremely diverse meaning this chosen platform is suitable as a wide community can be targeted on a mass scale. However, email can still provide a personalised approach (Chaffey and Smith, 2015) as the clients feel they are being exclusively targeted due to the email directly coming into their inbox in comparison to a social media post, generalised to a broader audience. Therefore using email is the most appropriate platform to suit the client and gain sales.

Another reason that email is appropriate for the SGP is that automated emails can be sent out so that there is a consistent connection with the target market. Research by SmartInsights shows that an email a week is the optimum engagement and this is what Digital Charisma have emulated in their partnership with SGP.

How Email Is Integrated In Secret Garden Party’s Campaign?

SGP uses email in their campaign to allow consumers to be able to contact and find out details about the event; not only about the event but allows consumers the ability to get in touch with the organisation itself and go directly to the organisation for enquiries, camping and tickets.

SGP will send out emails to their consumers who have signed up for newsletters or who have attended the SGP festivals in the past to gain attention for their new campaign which is the 2017 festival they are running (2016:Online). When signing up to the newsletters or through their website to get into contact with them directly, SGP will email their consumers regularly with updates about the upcoming event/campaign they are running allowing them to reach out to a much larger audience as they can send out millions of emails at once and get the same response as sending out single letters or posting on their website (Secret Garden Party, 2016:Online).


To conclude, direct email marketing is the most popular trigger for online purchases, with 64 per cent of consumers likely to stop what they are doing to click an email link from a retailer, according to a new report (The Drum, 2016). Therefore, because tickets are bought online anyway for SGP, this makes it easier for the consumer to buy. This is a key advantage of email and yet another reason why it is appropriate for SGP.


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