Do These Apps Really Help?


When looking at the HSBC application there are many different features and qualities with this app. Many positive features of this app are that HSBC offer the ‘Fast Balance’ feature which allows consumers to access their account balances with one click without the need to sign in.

Image result for HSBC fast balance feature

HSBC also make their app very easy and simplistic making navigation of the app very simple for the user no matter what age; not only is it simple to use but the consumer of the app can locate HSBC branches from the app wherever they are, making it easier for them to go into one of thousands of HSBC branches.

Image result for hsbc branch finder app

This app has many good features such as a ‘Language’ selection drop down which allows this app to target a much wider audience as it can be used by many foreign consumers. The HSBC app allows for quick access to the consumers account in two simple security questions making the process a much speedier and more convenient process. This app is also free for the consumer to download from any app store.

The HSBC app makes the consumer’s life easier through its different functions such as being able to view their balance without having to log on and the ability to access your accounts through your phone wherever you are. The HSBC app also allows the consumer to transfer money from their phone instead of having to go to a bank or a computer to do so. HSBC make viewing accounts easier by showing the consumer where their transactions have come from straight from the comfort of their own phone wherever they are.

When looking at the HSBC app there are some criticisms such as; the app only works well on a strong WIFI signal or a strong data signal such as 4G or 3G making the app almost useless if the consumer doesn’t have a strong signal or WIFI regularly available. Another criticism with the HSBC app is that the screen is very small to view on a smartphone which means consumers with bad eye sights may find it difficult to view the screen which could cause a problem to them, HSBC could improve this by having an enlargement feature on the app.

The HSBC app integrates with the existing business as it gives the user the ability to access the full website through the app from a click of a button. The app also allows existing customers of HSBC to be able to access their bank at any time of the day 24/7 without closing for holidays or opening times of HSBC branches.


What I like? Why?

  • Easy layout makes it quick and effortless to locate certain products or explore what ASOS has to offer.
  • Bold titles gives a clear simplistic message to the customer on what is going on in the company.
  • Easy search through there creation of different sectors which consumers can nail down what particular products they are looking for.
  • Personalise your own account with favourites makes it more personal to the customer and ASOS will consider those when recommending future new items for you and removing products, which do not appeal to you.

How it makes life easier?

  • Adds the total up for you saving you the time and effort to adding it up yourself and currently people are having busier schedules therefore do not have time for adding up what they are going to be spending their money on.
  • Keep track of current orders this assists the customer in not having to worry where bouts of their package as they let customers know when it is being and has been delivered.
  • Different payment methods offers a vary to how to pay for the items and at ease for example incorporating PayPal and Apple pay makes payment faster and with easy.
  • Easy help and support makes the customer feel support if something goes wrong or if you have any queries on anything.
  • ASOS offers a great delivery service in allowing your package to be delivered wherever you are this range of delivery service is perfect for those customers with a busy schedule moving a lot for their job.


  • Need a reliable internet connection or phone signal which is not 100% reliable everywhere
  • On a mobile device you do not get the full screen experience compared to online on a desktop or in a store but ASOS is yet to offer that store experience

How integrates with current business?

  • This integrates with the business well as ASOS is an online store in the first place so their only means of sales is on their website or on their mobile app therefore is crucial for them as a business to reach the wider audience with the tipping point of desktops changing over to mobile in-between the years 2013/2014. Therefore the focus is going to be on mobile with the average person using their mobile around 2hrs 51mins per day (eMarketing)

mobiel desktop.png

This graph above demonstrates how mobile usage is being used more on the daily basis than desktops and laptops and other internet connected devices. This making ASOS one of the leading brands online without the need to have an walk in store.


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